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Sports Results

Here are all the results and fixtures for the sports teams this year. The league tables for boys and girls appear after each team.


Warren Boys Football


Boys A



Warren A 6-0 Chadwell St Mary

Warren A 2-0 Woodside A

Warren A vs Quarry Hill A

Warren A vs Belmont Castle A


Thurrock Cup

Warren A 5-0 East Tilbury

Warren A vs Arthur Bugler B


Parish Cup

1st Round Warren 9-0 Godwin Primary

2nd Round Warren vs Corringham


Boys Thurrock SSP Football Tournament at St Cleres finished 4th


Jim Smith Cup

Warren 0-0 Corringham Primary

Warren 3-0 South Green Primary

Warren 2-1 Great Berry

Group Winners into last 16

Warren vs


Boys B



Warren B 10-2 Warren Boys C

Warren B 7-1 Thameside B

Warren B 4-1 Harris B

Warren B 4-2 Belmont Castle B


Thurrock Cup

Warren B 1-0 aet Deneholm


Boys C



Warren Boys C 2-10 Warren Boys B

Warren C 1-3 Harris B


Thurrock Cup

Warren C 1-3 Harris B


Warren Girls Football


Girls A


Warren Girls 5-0 Quarry Hill


Thurrock Cup

Warren A 9-0 Quarry Hill B

Warren A vs Warren B


Girls Thurrock SSP Football Tournament at St Cleres WINNERS!


Girls B

Warren B Football Festival at Lakeside Sports Ground


Thurrock Cup

Warren B 1-0 Graham James

Warren B vs Warren A






Warren 10-0 Belmont Castle

Warren 0-12 Thameside










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